Thursday, March 17, 2011

You Can't Do Well in the Tournament without a Good Coach

It is NCAA Tournament time. Sixty-eight teams are rewarded for a season of hard work and planning with a chance to win the men's basketball national championship. These teams could not be where they are without executing the plan developed by their coach.

Why should a home buyer expect to go it alone? Many people start to research buying a home by going online to search for homes. They have no idea what they can afford or how their credit stands. Without a good coach and team around them, they have no idea if the information they are hearing in the media is correct or even applies to them or our market in Oklahoma.

With all of the game plans possible to attach a home search, how do you know which strategy will ensure your success and possibly shorten your path to the championship?

As the Certified Path2Buy for the Tulsa area, my job is to help you understand what it takes to be approved for a mortgage and prepare for home ownership. I analyze your income, credit, job security and other factors to get you into the home you are looking for. I give you the information to dis-spell the myths and clarify the media reports about the mortgage market. This is done without cost or obligation to you.

Every serious player starts the season with a game plan to win a championship. They don't start by saying, "I'll shoot better this year" or "I know I don't rebound well, but I'll work on it later in the season."

Why would you say, "Someday, I will buy a house" or "Once my credit gets better..." or "Once I save some money for a down payment"?

It's okay to want to own a home. It's not okay not to have a plan to get you there.

Consider this my request for an interview to get the job as your Path2Buy head coach.

Tim Epps
Sr. Loan Officer
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp

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